Kitten Application. Waiting list is now closed! DO NOT SEND IN APPLICATIONS AS THEY WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.
Application must be fully filled out to be considered for a kitten.
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Personal Phone Number: *

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Please list all family members and/or others living in the home and their ages. *

Why have you chosen the Russian Blue? *

Do you rent or own your home? *

If renting do you have permission from your landlord to have a pet? *

Does anyone in your family have allergies? *

If so please explain:

Will this kitten be kept as indoor only? *

Which sex do you prefer? *

List any other animals in the home: *

How many hours a day on average will the kitten be left alone? *

Have you read our contract/health guarantee? *

Are you willing to abide by the Contract/health guarantee? *

Have you ever relinquished an animal to a rescue or animal shelter? *

Do you plan to spay/neuter your kitten? *

Do you plan to declaw your kitten? *

Please tell us any other information that will be helpful in the approval process of your application. *

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